Semalt: How To Block Buttons For Website Referral Traffic

If your website receives unwanted and suspicious referral visits from the, your business might get ruined, and you are not the only person who is facing this problem. is a site that engages users in the referrer spam and indexes its own websites using your Google Analytics data. Buttons for website is widely used by the spammers to promote a number of false sites, and it boosts their rank in Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Igor Gamanenko, a top expert from Semalt, says that that referral spam can cause lots of unwanted problems. First of all, referrer spam can ruin the Google Analytics stats, such as the Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior data of the service. Moreover, referrer spam can destroy the geographical location, bounce rate and all the things found in your Google Analytics account.

Webmasters often complain that their site's data especially the bounce rate is impacted by the referrer spam as the spam URLs land on only a few pages and leave the site within seconds. Referrer spam is shown up in your Google Analytics account and ruins the site's ranking in a few days.

Introduction to

The mainly targets your site's analytical data and has been designed to manufacture the repeated requests onto your web pages at a given time. Malware, bots and all black hat tactics are a part of referrer spam. The spammers benefit from this technique regarding generating revenues. It helps them advertise their own websites and improves their sites' ranking in the search engine results by creating quality backlinks to their sites of your website's data. The downside of this technique is that the referrals of interfere with the Google Analytics statistics and all other metrics. They also use the bandwidth of your site and create repeated requests to confuse you and your Google Analytics account. Thus, we can say that the referrer spam is a questionable technique used for promoting spammers' content. They target your sites to send quality traffic to their own web pages. Spammers and hackers want to promote their webpages and try to attract people towards their products and services. They also want to boost their site's rank on Google by creating quality backlinks. They perform this task by logging request into your site's access log, which gets crawled by Google and appears to be the spam website.

You should bear in mind that is not a dangerous website as long as you click its relevant links. It might create troubles for your visitors and will trick your Google Analytics account. In some situations, uses up your site's bandwidth and sends multiple requests to your website.

Blocking referrer traffic in the Google Analytics account:

If you want to block the referral spam in your Google Analytics account, you should keep in mind these things. Let me here tell you that blocking the spam in Google Analytics account by creating the filters may mask the spam URLs. You can also prevent it in your .htaccess file. Go to the Admin section in your Google Analytics account and click on the New Filter option to create new filters. Here, you should add the domain as the primary filter name and choose the Custom Filter option.

Block the referrer spam with the .htaccess file

If you want to block the referral spam with your .htacess file, you have to add this code to it.


RewriteCond %{HTTP-REFERER} [NC,OR]

RewriteRule .* -- [F]